The WCSF was created for the purpose of promoting education in the hospitality, culinary arts, and food & beverage disciplines as well as encouraging local community service and citizenship with the hope that through local involvement, international change can be affected.

Every year the WCSF awards scholarships for selected chefs to attend programs for the advancement of their careers.  Young people starting out in the culinary arts are also awarded scholarships to assist them with the costs of learning.

Programs such as the Bird Watchers and the Penny Program provide a fun and convenient way for supporters to assist in the work of the WCSF.

Individuals who have shown the highest standards of community service and have demonstrated a true spirit of volunteerism are awarded WCSF Citizenship Awards.  Each year, one individual is selected who exemplifies these attributes on a larger scale and s/he is awarded the WCSF International Citizenship Award.




Vision of the WCSF

"Foster world peace through fellowship by encouraging citizenship and volunteerism in local communities by culinary organzitions".

To Promote

  • Good will and citizenship through participation in community service and the spirit of volunteerism locally
  • Continuing education for chefs in the pursuit of culinary excellence
  • Further education of children in undergraduate studies